How we Began...
The Total Life Centers began on May 15th, 1978 in a church fellowship hall.   A
new but essential part of the continuum of care Resources for Seniors, Inc. was
created for Wake County.  The original Total Life Center was the first State of
North Carolina certified Adult Day Service in Wake County.  The center was a
social center with a capacity of 20, and served 36 participants through out the
course of the first fiscal year.  Activities, social interaction, exercise, hot meals,
and referrals to additional services were key to the programming and success of
this first location.
Our History
The Total Life Center, developed on a social model, seeks to prolong the
independence of older persons by providing a supportive environment in which
the capacities of older persons are enhanced rather than allowed to deteriorate.  
The emphasis is place on the positive goals of life enrichment, nurture, and
continued growth.  Attention is also given to the maintenance and restoration of
functioning.  The Total life Center seeks not only to postpone institutionalization,
but to make the later years a time of continued development.

The Center also affords the benefits of allowing the older person to continue
living in his own community, in his own home, or with his own family.  It assists
the family group in remaining together, by providing a protective setting for the
older adult while others in the family are at work or school.  The Center provides
agencies serving older persons another option for helping them cope creatively
with their changing needs.
Total Life Centers’ purpose (from 1978) …
Total Life Centers
Adult Day Care
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County,  averaging 288 participants per year, 144 adults per day, and over 30,000
units of  service each year.  We have expanded our scope to include social and
health care level adults 18-years of age and older and serve a wide variety of
diagnosis, but the core of the Total Life Center mission remains the same:
  • Provide for the total person; mind, body, and spirit,
  • Offer to the participant safety, socialization, stimulating activities, and
    individualized personal care,
  • Offer to the family respite, and the ability to maintain a life outside of
    caring for their loved one
  • Maintain the participant in the community, in their homes, and with their
    family and friends, facilitating socialization and prolonging a happy and
    meaningful life.

In 2009, The Total Life Centers obtained CARF National Accreditation for Adult
Day Services, and we were the first in Wake County to carry this honor.  This
CARF National Accreditation requires additional staff training, procedures,
continuous quality improvement, and an additional level of oversight beyond the
state certification.
Resources for Seniors, Inc.
  • 6 locations with extended hours for working caregivers (up to 11 hours
    daily, Monday-Friday).
  • The care received is warm, individualized, and non-institutional.
  • Costs are significantly less for comparable hours of one-on-one care.
  • We provide social & health models of care, to ensure the correct level of
    care for your loved one.
  • Our 3 health model centers offer full-time nurses to assist with skilled
    needs such as medication administration, wound care, tube feedings,
    incontinence care, oxygen assistance, and tracheotomy care.
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