"Has been excellent from the very first phone call.  I cannot imagine what we
would have done without the assistance of total care and all of the staff."

"Thank you for providing 'me' a few hours of respite during the week.  The center
and its competent, caring staff have become part of our extended family.  You can
tell each staff member truly cares about each person.  Total Life Centers are
providing such a fine service for our older memory impaired seniors – THANK

"Since my husband’s stroke, not only has his mental and physical health
been affected, but it has had a big impact on my health also. Taking him to
TLC has given me a chance to better take care of my health so that, hopefully,
I will be around longer to take care of him."

"I was extremely happy with the staff and services at the center.  My dad enjoyed
going there every day. On weekends he was kind of lost because he couldn't go
there. The staff were all very caring and patient with him."

"The center has been the greatest experience for my husband and me. He is
saying more words, and feeling confidant again socializing with others. The
staff at the center is fantastic – Very Supportive!"

"The support we have received from this center has afforded me an opportunity to
focus on my health.  I was able to avoid a heart attack this past December.  I
finally had time to visit doctors and stop assuming my chest pains and
indigestion were stress related.  I am able to keep my loved one at home and be
more physically capable of meeting both our challenges.  For the first time in four
years I have been able to relax and trust that my husband is in capable hands.  I’
m totally grateful for the director and staff at the Center.  The professional and
caring environment is God sent."
Total Life Centers
Adult Day Care
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