Adult Day Care Centers provide an essential alternative for families who want to
keep their loved one in the home for as long as possible, but may not be able to
provide 24-hour care.

YOU'RE TORN:  You may need to continue working, and the desire to care for
your loved one at home.  Even when a full-time family caregiver is available, that
person often desperately needs a few hours each day for rest and to take care of
essential needs, without concern about the safety and well-being of their loved

THE COST:  Families often look first to home health care services, but quickly
discover that Medicare and private insurance provide little in the way of in-home
care benefits, and very few subsidized services are available.  In the current
economic crisis that we face, many people are not in a position to afford the high
cost of one-on-one care in the home.
The care given at the Total Life Centers is warm, individualized, and
non-institutional, offering 2 types of facilities

SOCIAL CENTER:  Offers basic care and supervision, the socialization needed by
individuals who have physical or cognitive impairment, the opportunity to
participate in activities as well as nutritious meals and snacks

MEDICAL/SOCIAL CENTER:  In addition to the benefits of the Social Center, a
nurse is on staff who can administer medications, provide wound care &
tracheotomy care, perform tube feedings, implement incontinence care,
administer oxygen and can also be a referral source for you - acting as a liaison
between your loved one and their doctor.
The type of care given...
We can help to ease your burden in many ways...
What is Adult Day Care?
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Adult Day Care
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