Adult Day Care Centers provide an essential alternative for families who want to
keep their relative in the home for as long as possible, but may not be able to
provide 24-hour care.

YOU'RE TORN:  You may need to continue working, and the desire to care for
their loved one at home.  Even when a full-time family caregiver is available, that
person often desperately needs a few hours each day for rest and to take care of
essential needs, without concern about the safety and well-being of their loved

THE COST:  The Total Life Centers charge a set daily rate scale that is based on
the level of assistance an individual needs throughout the day. That daily rate, in
most cases, is substantially less, than that of other senior services like in-home
care and assisted livings. If you are struggling to pay for the care of your loved
one, please call one of the Total Life Centers, so we can discuss the available
options of financial assistance.
The care given at the Total Life Centers is warm, individualized, and
non-institutional, offering 2 types of facilities

SOCIAL CENTER:  Offers basic care and supervision, the socialization needed by
individuals who have physical or cognitive impairment, the opportunity to
participate in activities as well as nutritious meals and snacks

MEDICAL/SOCIAL CENTER:  In addition to the benefits of the Social Center, a
nurse is on staff who can administer medications, provide wound care &
tracheotomy care, perform tube feedings, implement incontinence care,
administer oxygen and can also be a referral source for you - acting as a liaison
between your loved one and their doctor.
The type of care given...
We can help to ease your burden in many ways...
What is an Adult Day Program?
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Total Life Centers
A Program of
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What is a Total Life Center?
A Total Life Center is an adult day program and a service of Resources for
semi-ambulatory dependent adults, especially those with memory loss and
physical disabilities.  
Our place in the continuum of care
supportive program in order to maintain their potential for independent living. Our
goal is to prevent early and/or inappropriate institutionalization, but our services
are not intended as a substitute for nursing facilities nor to duplicate the
functions of an adult social club, sheltered workshop, or senior service center.
Our services are planned and implemented as an integral but distinct point in
the continuum of supportive services offered and provided in a coordinated effort
within the Wake County community.  
Who we serve
At the Total Life Centers we serve ambulatory and semi-ambulatory dependent
adults, especially those with memory loss and physical disabilities.  Most Total
cognitive conditions.  We do ask that our participants be able to participate in the
center’s daily programming either physically, cognitively or socially. Total Life
Center participants must be medically stable and free of acute medical
conditions or injuries that require urgent medical attention or the constant
supervision by a physician.  Participants with a physician ordered skilled nursing
tasks are welcome to attend one of our three combination health/social model
centers where a Licensed Practical or Registered Nurse is available to provide
the necessary care.

Participants that exhibit challenging behaviors due to their diagnosis are also
accepted, providing the behavior does not pose a risk to the participant or others.
Our team has been trained to manage a variety of difficult behaviors and will
work closely with a participant’s caregiver to adequately manage the behavior.

The Total Life Centers believe that preserving a person’s cultural and spiritual
norms are vital to maintaining their self-worth and dignity, especially for aging
adults.  Therefore, Total Life Centers will make an effort to meet each participant’
s expressed cultural or spiritual needs, provided that the needs can be met
within the means and regulations of the program.
What we provide
The Participant
We provide the participant with stimulating social interaction and recreational
activities in a safe and supportive environment; an increase in self-worth and
dignity through gentle, sensitive care and kindness; assistance in avoiding early
and/or inappropriate institutionalization; education, motivation, and support for
good personal care; support to maintain as much personal independence as

The Family
We provide the family with respite, support and information to family members of
people with impairments such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease
and strokes; and referrals to other community agencies when necessary.

The Community
We provide a model adult day center program for persons who need
supervision, while serving as a viable community resource; and to offer training
opportunities in a day center setting for students and other approved persons.
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